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Can you surf here?

Yes its a good place to learn ... if your a surfer .... tthe breaks are small on this beach ...but if you wsnt lessons etc ...good !

Do you really need to pay to sit at the chairs on this beach?

Ask your hotel if they have beds on the beach. Ours (Horison) did. Then they are first come first served.

First time here to see the sunser, lots of chairs for rent and surf boards There are several friendly stray dogs


Does it have jet skis

There is no

Mat night, I want to ask what if on the double six, we have to rent the foam seat to wait for the sunset? how much is the rent? and what are the menus and prices? thank you ...

There is no special fee to sit where I go. The price is close to feeling inside the airport. Where I went there was no special charge to sit down. The price is close to the feeling inside the airport.

Is it a nude beach?

Yea Kelvin go for it! Let it all hang out! 🤣🤣🤣

What is the most convenient time to come here?

5-6 pm if you want sunsetan

Apart from here, the most popular tourist areas in Seminyak are?


Brpa charge for chair rental n umbrella?

To sit at the cafe, just pay for food and drink, but for those on the beach directly who can lie around 100 thousand

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